Country Roads, Keep Me Home

One thought on “Country Roads, Keep Me Home”

  1. Mrs. Ramsden, you have written a wonderful article on the condition of this state. I am a mountaineer, born and raised and I am apart of Generation X. Now that we have started to hit our 40s things are opening up for us here in this state but it took that long. I remember my first real job working for a company that built electrical mining equipment as a welder. The minimum wage during that time was $4.25 per hour. I had two years of schooling in welding and some experience. I remember they offered me $5.00 per hour and I jumped at the chance to make that type of money. I was so naive. Other states were paying workers straight out of high school anywhere from six to eight dollars per hour. The way that companies in this state treat their employees is terrible. The companies would be well cartooned as a giant hog that eats all of our chicken feed.
    Anyway, great article. I am following you now so keep it up.


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